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I am passionate about nature, and particularly fascinated by the polar regions. After graduating from university in France with a Masters Degree in Physical Education, I chose to become a professional skipper in 2003.  Working as a skipper and/or first mate aboard expedition yachts  for several years made it possible for me to combine my passion  with my interests for people, cultures and wildlife photography. I love to share my knowledge and inspire people with my curiosity and the lifestyle I have chosen. 

After many years spent sailing all over the world, I have  settled in the Falklands, where I live with my partner Dion Poncet and his family on a remote island called Beaver. We specialise in organising and running trips to Antarctica & South Georgia, with a special emphasis on supporting film crews and science projects. Off season, we give a hand at running the family farm on Beaver island where we raise sheep and reindeer

Conscious of the opportunities this lifestyle gives me, I have been able to engage fully in my passion for photography and am pleased to now be able to share my work on this website.

Photo by Maji Bransfield

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